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Dave is a BCRPA certified personal trainer with a background in strength training and boxing as well as group fitness and cardiovascular endurance. Dave can train you from his downtown facility, fully equipped with high-end equipment or bring fitness instruction to your door.


Personalized programs are aimed at being fun, simple and stress free.


Dave believes health is an important factor in how we live day to day. Learning to lead a healthy lifestyle, creates a positive self image.


By working our bodies we can create change, challenge ourselves and feel really good doing it!

BCRPA Standards/Code of Ethics

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Group Fitness Instructor


Ever wondered how to use your home equipment? Maybe you need a new workout?


Dave can make fitness plans and programs around your schedule. He'll introduce you to new equipment & new exercises. Dave will instruct and observe on regular workouts.


During cardio/conditioning sessions you have the option of training with Dave.

Dave will go over a self assessment and walk you through a detailed lifestyle questionnaire before doing a Postural Analysis. We'll stretch the tight muscles and strengthen the weak ones!


If you have your doctor's note of approval then we'll finish with a warm up and Fitness Testing, a great way to introduce you to fitness.


Dave will determine your target HR and aerobic training zones (BPM).


What's in your fridge? We'll discuss basic nutrition, the Canada Food Guide, healthy eating habits and food choices that can create a positive pull on your lifestyle. Dave will also show you how to find how much fat is in food.


Dave always recommends keeping a food journal. It's not rocket science to know that sugar is bad for you. But did you know there are good fats and bad?

Thinking of running the TC 10K, getting stronger or moving better? Dave will educate you on training with confidence.


We'll look at what motivates you and make S.M.A.R.T Goals. Coach you through habits, track your progress and consult you on barriers affecting your training.

"I've been training with Dave for 2 months and in that time I've lost 10 Lbs and gone down a whole belt notch."



Call Dave for your first Personal Training session. Come in for a health screening and finish with a fit test to get you moving!



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